Monday, September 28, 2009

92 post... 8 till 100!!! :D

As the title says, I have only 8 posts till I reach 100 posts! :D It has been a long time coming and I was wondering what I should do for my 100'th post?? Any ideas? What did everyone else do on their 100th post?? Ok if anyone has any ideas please leave a comment and let me know!!!
Now to normal posting... Well this week we had Kurt staying, AGAIN! He is really starting to become part of the furniture, lols. No I'm just joking, he will always be welcome here :).
On Friday Grandma came up, for Dan's birthday (its so hard to believe that he is a teenager now! Well actually not really... he is getting almost taller than me now! And the best part... He has been taking over some of my harder jobs, yay!), and stayed till Sunday morning (Mum took Kurt home Saturday lunchtime.). We sat inside all day Saturday watching TV (it was only the football, boring :P) because it was windy and rainy and really just miserable outside. Then after Grandma left, Sunday morning, we packed ourselves up and took the 2 hour trip to Bathanga to my other grandparents for a kind of three person birthday party/get together Mama had going (it was Sarah, Dan and my uncle Jed's birthdays), so all the aunts and uncles were there (except one uncle and his family), so we got to see all our little cousins, Abby and Grace are getting so big and grown up!! And the three little boys, Charlie, Izak and Joseph are soo cute (Izak is Abby and Grace's little brother, Charlie and Joe are brothers)!! Here are some photos.
Izak and his Dad, my Uncle Brendan

Yours truly, very tired and a bit cold, the warmest I was all day I think. (sorry this isn't a great photo all the other's Ayala got of me were worse than this :P).

Little Joe :) so cute and the youngest of all the cousins.

Charlie, Abby and Izak

My beautiful Aunty Cynthia and her two gorgeous sons, Joe and Charlie.

Abby and Sarah thinking about the cryptic message I just gave them in Spot this Object, lols.

Grace and Sarah, the two second children :)

Little mister cutesie pie is making funny faces :), Gotta love the little fella!

Gracie and Dan

Aunty Patrice, Izak and Pop

And that is all the photo's I am uploading because it took me hours to upload this lot!! And I am not exaggerating!!


Cassie said...

Oh, it looks like you've had so much fun!!! I like your sweater in the picture of you! I've been meaning to reply to your email, but I have been CRAZY busy, but I haven't forgotten and I promise that I will get to it soon. :D

Gruss Gott!

Tia said...

haha congrats on the 100th post! I didn't have any special celebration. But oh well hah!