Saturday, September 19, 2009

Da di dum dar da di dum dar

Yup, you are correct I am bored, a little crazy and seem to have suddenly inherited my Dads funny word concoctions.
Well anyways I'm sorry I haven't posted in about a week I have been busy and not much has been happening :) (contradiction, kinda). For some reason this week my Mum and I have found ourselves in town every day since Monday and twice on Tuesday and Thursday. BTW for anyone who doesn't know 'town' is a half hour drive away, an hour round trip! Before you know it the whole day has gone and you are left with an hour or so in the morning and an hour or so in the afternoon before going into town and after going to town, and between milkings! And silly us were thinking about taking today and going to Albury/Wodonga (about 2 hours away) to see a movie with Mama (grandmother on Dad's side) because she wanted to do something with her grandchildren she doesn't get to see very often... Great idea, but we have this afternoon that we aren't doing anything and then we are having visitors tomorrow! Can any of you guess how tired I am? that's right VERY! And this morning I woke up with a sore throat so I hope I am not coming down with anything!
OK on a brighter note, my second oldest sister, Sarah, turned 17 on Thursday! I was talking to Ayala the other day and she made mention of the fact that in a year and a half she will be 20!And in a week my baby brother will be 13! Where did all that time go?? It just seems like yesterday that Ayala was 13 and we were having little picnics in the paddock at Cudgewa with oranges and cheese, lol :).
'Nother subject now! I finally sent my assignment off last week, I got it back Tuesday... I got 80% and a distinction, YAY! I know it probably wasn't my best shot but its a lot better than 74 on my last one :). I have one more assignment in this book then I have to download another book! which is exciting :D!
Well I really need to go because its time to feed poddies and I have about 4 new calves to teach to drink so its going to take a while!
Til next time!

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