Monday, March 9, 2009


Ok, more crazy stuff, lol! I have to decided whether I want take one out of two courses... One is called Professional Creative writing, and the other is Professional Non-fiction Writing. They cover basically the same things, the creative writing one is more to do with how to write stories and the other is more a journalism course. I don't want to be a journalist!!! but I don't want to be held to creative writing either! right now I am supposed to be thinking up the pro's and con's of each course, then praying, and then wondering what kind of writing did I want to start in the first place! And don't forget (!) making sure it is what I want... I just want it all over and done with so I can continue writing (better, hopefully then when I started). My Dad wants me to take the Non-fiction one, cos he thinks it would be more worth while... and I could write stuff for magazines and news papers and Creation magazine. I torn, I want to say 'Yeah Dad, sounds fantastic!' but I cant because I don't think I could write articles, I hate writing compositions, I can not stand writing long (boring!) reviews on scientific findings! But what else am I supposed to do, turn my nose up and say 'No Dad! I wont do it!'?? I couldn't do that...

I have been reading a lot of people's blogs lately, it seems like every one has something to write these really super long blog posts about... and here I am complaining about making decisions :P. Do people just train their thoughts so they can retain important bits of information that could end up as a blog post??? I don't know... I know when I think of something, it kind of goes "Oh, I thought that... next!", My brain must go to fast :) (I expect some of you can tell by reading this, lol!)

Well I really need to go and do my chores...
I will write more later!! :D


Anonymous said...

oh, fun! I've taken drawing lessons. I don't need them any more:)
My dad gets Creation and Answers magazines :)

Katherine Alice said...

I'd love to take drawing lessons too! My drawing is really bad, lol!
Wow, you get those magazines too? I think the ones we are talking about are two different magazines but I think Creation Ministries (Answers in Genesis) are the people who make both of them.

Cassie said...

:D Funny post, Kathy. Sometimes I feel exactly the same way! Whatever you chose to do, you'll do super at it! But, before either of us becomes a professional writer lets agree that we'll sit down and finish Neuschwannstein first! LOL!
Love and Blessings!

Cassie said...

Oh! And Kathy, my brother, Connor, says Thank you for following his blog. 'CIA' :D

It made him very excited to find someone else following!

Josiah David said...

Hi, I don't want to sound rude or anything, but who are you? And is it usual for you to go around following random guy's blogs who don't even know you, let alone live in the same country! I'm sorry, but I have been raised in a christian home and I don't think this is how a christian girl should be behaving.

Josiah David said...

Hi Kathy, I'm sorry for being so dramatic. I was kind of on an edge from a situation on our denomination's email loop. Anyway, without going into details we had someone who presented them self as a Christan girl, but turned out to be quite the opposite. Again, I am sorry, and if you still want to, you are welcome to follow my blog.
Just out of curiosity, I was wondering how you found my blog? Thanks :)

In Christ,

The Hector Family said...

Hi Kathy,

Found my way to your blog on one of my friends blogs, and so I thought I would stop by and say hello. (Oh, and don't take Josiah's first comment personally, we are friends, he is a really nice guy!)

Don't think that a journalism class has to be uninteresting. Some of the best writing I have read happens to be journalism, and if done well, it is far from boring! One of the great articles of journalism was written by Winston Churchill during his time as a war correspondent, and it took me a bit to find it online! If you are interested:

From what I am seeing of your blog, you have a bit of that journalism flair in your writing, so you never know, keep praying about it!



Josiah David said...

Hey Kathrine, I was just talking to my dad and he was telling me that when he was in the Coast Guard he visited some friends in Melbourne, and took a trip to Brisbane and went through the Dandelong Mountains, and Sydney.
Australia, sounds like so much fun! I actually have a co-worker who is from Tasmania, and she tells me about different kinds of things they do and have over there compared to the US. Quite an interesting topic.

Katherine Alice said...

Hi Josiah,
Thats great! It is really interesting talking to someone from America too :) I think the mountains that you are talking about are called the Dandenong Ranges (we say it differently because of our accents, we pronounce it Dand-i-nong:).

Sarah:) said...

hey kath,
thanks for following my blog, it's great to see that its not empty anymore lol!

btw, everyone who has commented here; you have written some really interesting comments... and Josiah, the Dandenong ranges recently got very burned. they were sort of in the middle of all the fire action a month ago.


Katherine Alice said...

Heya Sis!
You followed my blog, I thought I would return the favor lol!

Josiah David said...

Hey Sarah, Wow! I had heard that there was quite a bit of fire trouble going on, but I didn't know where. Thanks!