Friday, March 6, 2009

Relaxing Equine Pedicure, and other things

Today my Dad decided it was time to give my sister's horse a pedicure, because (for those who dont know horses very well) horses hooves are like humans finger nails, except that when they get too long or something it can really hurt the horse and sometimes causes serious damage if it goes very long with out treatment.

Fudge, my sister's horse, never liked his hooves being trimed but he hadnt had a trim in a long time so his feet were hurting him a bit, so he grudgingly allowed Dad to pick his feet up and chop away until he decided it was much to hard work to stand, so he sat!

Lazy horse!
(My dad, Fudge and Me)
My Mum and I have been sorting out and putting into storage my pattern collection. Most of them have come from the Op-Shop so they are all a little bit tatty and torn. Some of them are new, because my sisters and I went shopping the other day and our local clothing/fabric/pattern shop is selling all their patterns for $5 each! but the sad thing is that after this they wont be stocking patterns anymore :( ! It is a real pity because the only other place to get patterns is 100 kilometers away...
Well I have to go. School work calls :) I will post some more another time.


Cassie said...

LOL! Funny horse! I LOVE your purple sweater!!! :D
I like how you use kilometers. Here in America we use miles and yards.

Katherine Alice said...

Yeah I know! that is because americans dont use metric measures!
And my sweater is pink, lol! but since we were in the shade it looks purple.

Cassie said...

Oh! I'm glad that you like the name! It's a quote from 'The Phantom of the Opera'. Here's where I got the background. It's SOOOOO easy to use!!!!
Love and Blessings,

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! I love horses, but have never
seen a picture like this! :)

Katherine Alice said...

well we have a few of them! We thought it was funny too.