Thursday, March 12, 2009


Things you should (doesn't always mean you do) know about farm life and farms before you turn 15 (some of these things I do know some of them I don't) :

How to milk cows

How to make a figure eight knot with wire (this is really hard on your thumbs)

How to pull a calf (preferably without Dad's help)

How to drive a tractor (I am not good at this)

How to drive and handle a motor bike at high speeds (I am Ok at this, not wanting to boast)

How to hunt cows on a motor bike/horse (this is where the high speeds come in handy)

How to do all the plumbing on a irrigation system

How to turn on an irrigation pump (there are numerous checks one must do)

How to fix all farm fences and gates (also preferably with out Dad's help)

How to bring a calf back from the brink of death (some people are more gifted at this than others, I am not one of the gifted ones)

How to administer Magnesium/Calcium to cows

How to do operations on bull calves (Dad usually does this)

How to rake hay

How to feed cows (the tractor driving comes in handy at times like these)

How to recognise grasses (I can not do this, but apparently it all takes time)

How to fix things (things could mean anything, from cows, to your self, to a water trough)

How to quick fix things (this isn't usually the same as 'fixing' things)

Then there are the things normal 15 year old girls should know:

How to cook

How to clean

How to handle children

How to clean up after children

How to wash clothes

How to sew

How to embroider (this isn't always necessary, but it could impress your future mother-in-law)

How to bake (this is different to cooking, you bake cakes and pies, also yummy little morsels)

How to be Kind, Gentle, Patient, Good, Determined, Meek (unfortunately I am not very good at many of these)

How to Love (God's way, not man's)

Then there are the ones anybody should know by the time they are 15:

How to read

How to write

How to add

How to subtract

How to multiply

How to divide

How not to kill ones self doing your daily routine :)

I hope you all enjoy reading my... dunno what to call them yet, well my lists anyway :D


Cassie said...

Good thing I know how NOT to kill my self!!! LOL!

Kathy, I just tagged you on my blog! Check it out!

Love and Blessings!

Katherine Alice said...

It is always good to know people know NOT to kill themselves :)
Thanks for tagging me!