Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fellowship meeting

What a wonderful, exhausting, fun day... We went to a friend's house for a fellowship meeting, it is the one of the only times where we get to spend time with other Christians so it is a wonderful day but after you have sung ten songs, taken the children to learn All things Bright and Beautiful and Jesus Loves all the Children of the world in sign language, listened to a sermon, ate lunch, watched the other young adults play table tennis and pool, played Articulate, then 1 to 100 (both very fun, exciting, funny games) with all the other young adults and children, you feel about to drop from exhaustion.
It is so good to get together with other young people, and play games and have fun (we don't get to do this much). I guess its kinda like a youth group but very unorganised! For a while all the people in the younger generation were very shy of each other, and that went on for ages until we decided we all mustn't be that bad and actually talked to each other!
well I am so sorry this is short but my sister wants to get on the computer. And I am about to fall asleep over the key board!


Anonymous said...

That sounds fun! I can't wait to go to Youth Group on Wednesday! :)

Katherine Alice said...

It was fun... but the only problem is that it isnt every Wednesday!

Cassie said...

Hey Kathy! Sounds like you had a GREAT day! :D
I've finally started posting on my blog... I'm so excited!
Love and Blessings!

Katherine Alice said...

Thats great Cassie! I will be sure to read it :D!!