Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First post/Crazy 15!

Wow first post! I think purely crazy was the exactly perfect name for this blog. Some people may not understand why I called it that, well I guess I will explain, my name Katherine means pure, so I was thinking I wanted it to be something to do with that. The hard part was to figure out what would go with that so it didn't look like I copied every other home schooled christian girls blog title! My diary (a spiral bound bright red book covered in stickers that my pen-pals had sent me!) had been sitting beside the computer, because I had been writing down the words to a song that I LOVE, open to that page. The title to the song is Crazy, some of the lyrics are written in the title space, so I thought "mmm crazily pure?? nope sounds like a bomb went off in a water plant! how about purely crazy??" so that it stayed.

I'm going to be 15 in 3 months. Which I am sooo looking forward to, it means I am practically a woman, it also means I am old enough to get a job, apply for courses and hmm not much else. Any way there are a few courses I would like to apply for and maybe even a job I could get. The courses are Certificate II in Business Administration and the other is a writing course, the question is do I want to do one of them or both of them? I am thinking about doing both. But then there are other questions like, how to fit in my jobs at home and around the farm? what about my schooling? should I drop out or will I keep going? What if I get a job in three months? will I be able to handle both of them? what socks will I wear tomorrow?!?! I think you get the point, lol!

I did one of my favorite things today, I went with my sisters and Mum to the local opportunity shop... I enjoy shopping for clothes, especially when modest clothes are so hard to find! But what I enjoy more is looking through all the old dress patterns, and there was almost a box full of wedding dress patterns! Yes they came from last century and yes they are very out of date but I love them, and I collect them, I have about 100 I think so another twenty or so doesn't do much for the collection but you never know they might just come back into fashion one day (or more likely people will see them and go EEK that is so gross! and have the same expression my sister had on her face when I walked up to the counter with an arm load of them :D ).

Well I have to go do my evening chores then get ready for tomorrow (ie. find my socks!).


Cassie said...

Hey Kathy! Awesome blog with an AWESOME title!!! If you can come up with a title for mine I would be most grateful!!! :D I'll be an avid reader of 'Purely Crazy'! Question: Did you set those videos in your video bar, or are the just random ones youtube set?

Katherine Alice said...

Hey Cassie! The videos are just a selection of music by Mercy Me, the same band who sang Crazy, I wanted to put it on there but Youtube had other ideas... the top on is another of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Mae gonnaven! Oh, that's funny! I'm going to be 15 on April 26th! By the way, underneath "Post a Comment" it says 'Cray' comments instead of 'Crazy' comments :)
Thanks for following my blog!

Katherine Alice said...

Thank you Earwen! I didnt notice that!
Thanks for following my blog too, :)