Monday, March 16, 2009

Rain... and the damage it caused

Rain!!! Wahooo!! we got 21 mil (I am not sure what that is in what ever Americans measure rain in!). But it did cause some damage, the creek on the end of our property overflowed and took with it a lot of debris including a piece of our neighbors fire wood :) and a black snake (!), here are some photos.

The day before this creek was dry.

One of the cows was doing a leap of joy (I think she was joyful because she got out of her paddock, grrr!!), except I wasn't quick enough to catch the whole leap just the landing :(

This is the 'Channel' as we call it, before 21 mils of rain it was just a muddy trickle

This was a log that I had never seen before so I am not exactly sure where it came from...

Well I have to go :)

P.S. update of previous post 'Confusion'; I chose the non-fiction writing course.


Anonymous said...

Cool, I love rain...rain, rain, on my face...:)
where is that place?

Katherine Alice said...

The place I took the photos? Its in Australia, very south east New South Wales.

Josiah David said...

Yep, we measure rain in inches. :)

Katherine Alice said...

Ok, Thanks :) I wasnt sure what you did measure it in. We measure it in inches too but a lot of the time we dont get enough to measure it in inches so we kinda mix metric and english (its a little weird!).