Saturday, March 14, 2009

I've been Tagged!!

Wow, first tag :) Now all I have to do is think of 25 things about myself... mmm that's going to be hard!

1. I live on a farm
2. I own a horse
3. I had surgery earlier this year
4. I love castles (anything to do with castles, like jigsaw puzzles, pictures, movies, and of course the castle its self :)
5. I own about 100 clothes patterns
6. I love reading
7. I love writing (if only I was good at it!)
8. I like making things
9. I have an obsession with birds (eagles and wrens mostly)
10. I like riding motor bikes :)
11. I play the piano
12. I go gooey over kittens (its OK, I don't do this often, lol)
13. I wish I could fly
14. I love classical music (can anybody tell me how to put a play list on my blog??)
15. I once watched someone try beat the Guinness world record for throwing golf balls (it was my Dad, he couldn't throw them far enough to beat the world record though)
16. I am a pyromaniac (it runs in the family :)
17. I am teaching myself how to play classical piano
18. I could never be a vegetarian
19. My favorite country in the world is Germany (it has my favorite castle in it, Neuschwannstein!)
20. I hate flat country (wow, I am almost there!)
21. I am about 1 year behind in all my shcool work :(
22. I have sword fights with my brother using unwrapped news papers
23. I own my own sewing machine
24. I love sewing
25. I am good at maths

I didnt think I would make it to 25!
Now I have to tag other people, ummm who?
I tag:


Anonymous said...

Go to and create a playlist by searching songs and clicking the little + button next to the song. Then, on the upper right hand corner of the page, it will say 'post my playlist'. Go there, copy the code. Then go to 'Layout' and 'Add a gadget' on your blog, add the gadget that says Javascript/HTML, and paste into the box. Then click 'add.' (You might want to do it at the bottom of your page, or else the whole thing doesn't fit :)

Katherine Alice said...

Thanks Earwen!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love PotC - my favorite (next to LOTR) Hey, you got a playlist!! :)

Anonymous said...

I do like your playlist! :)
I added the Pirates of the Caribbean songs to mine :)
Now I've got 'Songs of the Sea and Middle Earth' :)

Anonymous said...

I know, I LOOOOVE the POTC music!!!