Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Missing photos...

Yesterday was calf sorting, moving day. We had to separate the bulls and heifers and put the heifers over the road in the top paddock with the other cows that aren't going through the dairy at the moment. And after mishaps and mayhem they finally decided to be good and go, lol!
Random Pics through the bars

Djaq, my dog
Blackie, my horse (well pony really, but of the equine species!)
Photo's of the fellowship meeting, my sisters and I had to teach the smaller children how to 'sing' in sign language (Oh joy!)

Break it up boys!
All together now children "Jesus loves the little children" (Oh Lord, not again!)

Ayala, when are you expecting? (she may or may not kill me :)
Only the best and brightest got to stand in front and sign for the rest (in other words the biggest show offs!) Very good Sam... Ewan, other hand :)
All in all it was a very interesting experience, teaching something I had only known my self for two days!
More photos later :)


Katherine Alice said...

Only one of my sisters ended up being in the photos, my oldest sister Ayala.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your horse is so cute!! YOu are lucky. :)

Katherine Alice said...

He is cute :) but I would love him anyway, I learned to ride on him.

Cassie said...

Your horse is great, but I think that I just fell in love with Djaq. He is beautiful! What I wouldn't give for a dog!!!

Love and Blessings!

Katherine Alice said...

Yes I fell in love with Djaq the first moment I saw HER (!), SHE was the most gorgeous puppy :) Sorry Cassie, Djaq is a girl :)