Saturday, March 7, 2009

Farm nonsense and other mishaps

Fencing, with my Dad. Its interesting, you drive around and around paddocks, stopping every now and again to pull the electric fence tester out, place on wire and press the button (you know it works when it bleeps and then starts up a rhythm, bleep bleep bleep bleeeeeeep! O-oh there is a fault!), when this happens you start off again, this time looking for anything that might be causing it to 'earth-out' (ie. smashed insulator, stick sitting on wire, wire touching wire, wire touching ground). Then you 'fix' it :), all the while trying not to get zapped (an very unpleasant sensation). It also involves picking up any little bits of rubbish that you find laying around paddocks, this is the easy part except when you don't have a box to put it in you end up with little bits of gate tape, plastic pipe and silage wrap in your pockets! Oh and when you get home, don't forget to take the pliers out of your pockets and leave them on the motor bike.
I am hoping to finish my jean's skirt today so I had better go and get it done, and make sure my sister doesnt wreck my sewing machine while she is trying to sew! :)
Bye for today!


Anonymous said...

My brother used to take fencing!! He won two medals!
I would LOVE to learn fencing and archery - I already know how to horseback ride :)

Katherine Alice said...

Thats great! I would love how to do THAT kind of fencing. I was talking about the other kind though, the farming kind, where we build fences to make sure cows dont get from one paddock to the other.