Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The touch of the Master's hand/The old Violin

At the auction of an old estate, the auctioneer picked up an old violin, it was badly battered and worn. The auctioneer said as he held the violin up for people to see, "I start the bidding at one dollar... will anyone make it two? two dollars who'll make it three? three dollars... going once... going twice..." He paused to watch the crowd.
An old man stood up in the back and slowly came forward, he picked up the bow and smoothed off the dust, he gently took the old violin from the auctioneers hands and ran his hands over it, tightening the strings and rubbing off the dust. He lifted it to his shoulder and played a sweet melody that sounded like an angel singing.
After a while the old man stopped playing and set down the violin, and went back to his seat. The auctioneer, held it up again and said "One thousand dollars, who'll make it two?.... two thousand dollars, who'll make it three?.... three thousand dollars... going... going... gone!"
The crowd cheered, some of them didn't understand though "What made it go from nothing to some thing precious?" they asked.
The auctioneer smiled and said softly "It was the touch of a Master's hand."
Some of us are like that battered violin, worn, from the cares of this world... They are seen as worthless bits of junk by others. Until they are touched by the Master's hand.
Author unknown


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