Sunday, August 16, 2009

80 posts! Rain water and weekend

Yay, I have 80 posts! Only 20 more till I reach 100!

Its Sunday afternoon, its raining cats and dogs and my Dad is collecting rain water off our roof to make Coloidal Silver , and we tested the water and it is almost exactly pure water! The water on the farm is out of a dam and it has like 200 parts per million (which it really disgusting! I think Dad said that the drinkable limit is 500 parts per million) and the water that came off our roof is like 10 parts per million which is practically pure!

The weekend... *Sigh*... Exhausting!! LOL but fun :). We had Kurt staying out again, he has got so much energy! After a weekend of watching him you feel exhausted!

Friday, after I wrote, it was a pretty normal day until we noticed another cow having trouble calving! The calf died... It is so annoying! Two in one day! It is so hard not to let it get to you, you just have to harden your self and get on with the day. I know from experience that it is hard, really hard! It is impossible to grieve for every little calf that dies, if you did you would get depression!

Well I really need to go (and do what I am not sure, lol).
Till next time then!
Katherine Alice

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