Sunday, August 9, 2009


A weed leaf that I thought looked a bit weird cos of all the holes.

Yours truly (this has got to be the best self portrait I have ever taken!)

Random shot...
Our Momma cat, she was a good model.

This would make a good blog header I think... hmmm...

I dont know what this is *Shrugs*
Nother one of our cat (like I said, she is a good model!)

"I's (eye's) watching you!"

This is the hay rake, I was hoping that this would turn out slightly better.

I dont know which one I like better... hmmm.

I'm not sure what this piece of machinery was called but it looked kinda cool.

Is this "The egg was THIS big!"? or "This is the size of the posts."?

I was supposed to upload these earlier, I know! But I guess I just got too busy and didnt think... After I said I would upload the photos sometime today I went outside to do my daily jobs (getting any cows that have calved in, feeding the calves... etc.) There were two cows that needed to be got in, one who had calved yesterday, and the other was one who I am 100% sure she had had her calf but seemed to have misplaced it, lol they seem in the habit of doing that sometimes! The cow with the calf was pretty easy to get in but the other cow... Hmm let me just say she is NOT my favorite cow right now.... Anyway if I continue I WILL ramble on and on till you (or me, which ever comes first) are bored out of your brains!

I hate uploading photos cos they always take ages!! (I guess that is why there arent many photos on my blog :). I have a heap more I took that day of my brother's handywork lol, so I will try post them sometime soon!
Till then!


ch!e said...

hi...i was just browsing and i chanced to be on your site. im chie from the philippines. im happy to see a blog from a Christian and im going to follow your blog from now on. if it's not going to be much of a bother, please check out my site too. chieswonderingsandwanderings.blogspot. im new to blogging, started just this july. i apologize in advance coz much of my posts were on filipino. Tnx. Good day! Godbless =)

Katherine Alice said...

Hello Chie,
Thanks for following my blog :). Are you a Christian your self? Your photos are good. I hope you enjoy blogging.
Katherine Alice