Friday, August 14, 2009

hectic morning!

Well after I wrote the last post I went and got 6 cows and calves in to the dairy yards and was trying to get another one in when I saw a heifer lying in the creek having trouble giving birth. It was obvious that the calf was dead and had been for sometime. After a lot of hassle and elbow grease we got the calf out about an hour or so later (at about 10). By that time we knew we weren't going to make it into town before 12 to put my job application in, so I came back to the house and finished it off (ie. getting the referees, making phone calls and uploading the forms) and with 15 minutes to spare sent it in via email.
This morning when I found the cow, I knew that it would probably take a few hours so I just prayed "Father in Heaven, if its your will I apply for this job YOU do the miracle! And I wont worry about it.".
I dont really care if I get this job, it isnt what I want to do in my life but right now its an open door and if it isnt right thing for me God wont let me get the job, now all I have to do is wait and oh I hope the rest of the day doesn't hold any more surprises! Tatblol (The Author of this Blog is Laughing Out Loud)!
Gotta go, still have things to do!
Bye for now
Katherine Alice


Alaina said...

HI, my name is Alaina...i just stoped by and I really Love your blog. I am a homeschooled christian girl. I am 13 and the 4th of 8 children soon to be 9. we Live on a farm with cows, horses cats, dogs and a 15 acre garden.
i live in Stanwood WA.
if u don't mind i'll stop by more often and leave some comments. :)
o and by the way my blog is singforthelord.wordpress
God Bless

Katherine Alice said...

Hi Alaina!
Thanks for your comment! Sure, I dont mind if you read my blog and leave comments, I like hearing what other people have to say about it :D. I really like your blog too :). Do you mind if I read and comment on your blog?
You have a 15 acre garden?! Wow. Do you ride your horses? I have pony but usually am too busy to ride him often, something I regret... How many cows do you have? I live on a dairy farm so we have a lot, like almost 200.
I'm the 3 (or second youngest) in 4 children, we live in very south-eastern New South Wales, Australia.
God Bless
Katherine (just call me Kathy)