Sunday, August 30, 2009

My weekend...

Well at the moment I am sitting at my Aunts computer, drinking my morning coffee, writing this post :). (the last part was obvious!)
On Friday, we dropped Ayala and Sarah off at the train station (did I mention that they were doing a sign language course?), then my Dad dropped Dan and I with Aunty Jane at Tamgambalenga (dont worry about pronoucing it correctly, lol!! But just for your information it is said Tam-Gam-Bal-Enga).
Yesterday we went skiing, it was foggy and it rained sometimes, by the end of it my legs felt like they were going to fall off and I was going to die of hypothermia (ok, I admit I am exadurating slightly, lol but right then it seemed to be the easy option!). I was soaked to the skin and Dan and Aunty Jane werent much better.
Well will finish this later because we are going gor a bike ride...


Cassie said...

Skiing sounds like fun! Well, especially because it's 96 degrees here today! Could you send me some snow? :D LOL!

Gruss Gott!

Katherine Alice said...

It was fun, except when it hailed or both pairs of pants I had on were soaked and there was no way of getting warm *brr*, or I fell onto my butt for the millionth time! It was freezing, but I think for about the first 2/3 of it we had fun :D.
I am soooo tired now! I will try write the rest of the post, if I dont fall asleep before hand *yawns*...
Love Ya
God Bless