Friday, August 7, 2009

Latest News

I wrote this on Friday.

BTW, if anyone was wondering about the sudden change of music from Gospel to Irish tap/river dance music, I got infected with it the first time I ever saw tap/river dance on TV when I was just a little kid. I absolutely LOVE it!!! All of the music on my play list (except two songs) were off a tap/river dance video call The Lord Of The Dance.

On Thursday, as we planned, we went to Albury/Wodonga for our dentist appointments, which for some of us went well *evil laugh*! Sarah walked up the dreaded hall way first, a few minutes later she came back and said "X-ray."
My brother, looking very scared, took the second walk and came back half an hour later with a fat lip.
Lastly I walked up the hall way (Isn't it funny how you think of things like "Walking the Plank" or "Sheep being led to the slaughter" when you are walking up the hall way toward that dreaded white room! lol). The dentist had a look at my teeth and said "X-ray." My first thoughts were "Awesome!! You are the best dentist in the WORLD!" I did not say that because that would be completely out of character, lol.
So we went and got the X-rays. Have you ever seen your teeth on X-ray? if you haven't it is very weird, it was quite interesting and kinda scary (scary, cos you can see all the stuff that is wrong with your teeth!). Anyway enough about the Dentist.
What other news do I have to tell you?? umm, I am thinking about applying for a job, I wont tell you much about it just in case I don't get it.
I will upload photos later today. I don't think I will have time to do it right now.


Cassie said...

Your dentist, X ray story made me laugh. I can't wait to see the pictures!

Your friend forever,

Katherine Alice said...

I am glad it made you laugh :D I was actually making myself laugh when I wrote it! I have heard a few times that if you can make your self laugh, cry and feel worried on the one page you are a good writer, so I think I might be getting better, lol!
The photos are from Wednesday, we were just working around the farm and I had the camera taking random photos. I'll try to upload them today sometime.
Gruss Gott
P.S did you like the music?