Thursday, August 6, 2009

just an update

Hi all,
I am very sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have made a bad habit in telling myself "I wont post till something interesting has happened." and when something does happen and when I get around to writing the blog post I say to my self "But that wasn't very interesting, I'll wait." *sigh* well that kind of thought wont get me anywhere! Just so you know, today will only be words although I have a LOT of pics I want to put up, I don't have time this morning. Yesterday we had a bit of an outing on the farm (like we do every day), but yesterday was special! We took the CAMERA!!! Yay! We aren't very good good at taking the camera places and so there for we don't get pictures :P which can be annoying sometimes, like when a pen-friend asks for a picture of me I go "Uhh, sorry about this but, ummm, the last photo of me I have was taken two years ago!", hehe it can be funny too :D!!
Well anyway there have been a few things happen lately. After my parents went to meet with our boss, because they discussed the things that needed to be done around the farm, we have been getting ready to build a shed near the house so that Dad can work on machinery and fix stuff. Its all very exciting! So yesterday a friend who knows about this kind of thing came and had a look at the site (which is now scattered with bits of machinery) to see how hard it would be to level, and while they talked and measured I had fun taking random shots of them, the machinery, our Momma cat and me and my shadow, lol! Then when I got back to the house I cropped and polished as best I could :D (Which isn't very good at all!). Hope you like them.

Just one tiny little thing...

You have to wait till tomorrow to see them!! Mwhahaha! :D Cos I have a dentist appointment today and I need to feed the poddies and get ready before 8 am and its now 20 to 7!! AHH!!!
Got to fly!

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