Thursday, August 13, 2009

An Update

Well since I last posted (on Monday) hardly anything has happened but I am kind of bored so I guess I will try ramble on about nothing.

Some time last week my Dad accidentally hit his shin with a big hammer and was limping around then the next day or so he was working in the dairy and he got a little bit mad at a cow and he kicked it *shudders*. He saw the doctor yesterday and had an X-ray... He has successfully broken his toe in about 4 pieces!!! So he is kinda stuck inside, I will just make mention that my Dad hasnt spent more than a day inside in his whole life (!) so he is getting really bored, lol (and he will have to spend the most of the next 6 weeks indoors)!

I have been sick since last weekend, it is getting really annoying... Not that is much I can do about it!

I have started to write for a website called Heywire, its a competition but you can put blog posts on it as well, its for teenagers in farming Australian, its interesting to see what other farming Aussie kids are writing about. Actually it can be quite depressing :P, but interesting all the same.

I am up at 11:00 PM writing Key Selection Criteria, my application letter and my resume (actually I finished my resume this morning) for this job that I'm going to apply for, lol still cant tell you what it is (well I can but I am not going to:). Ayala is up with me helping me (well that was until she got side tracked talking to someone on Facebook, lol, no seriously Ayala helped heaps!) and we are practically done now. We still have to think of two people who can act as referees! I didnt realise that I dont know very many people.

Well gotta go, am really tired and need to finish off so I can go to bed.

Till next time I write!

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