Saturday, August 22, 2009

The week I didnt post...

Why is it when ever I post lately I am tired and worn out? I personally dont know... Well anyway here is the rest of the week that I didnt post.

On Wednesday my Mum and I got some small square (they are actually rectangle) hay bales, for my garden. I prepared the ground a couple of weeks ago. So anyway I now have a half made (bodged up) greenhouse. I (with the help of my Mum and my dear little brother :) made a square with the bales and put bent pipe over the top and tied it all down... now all I have to do is get my Dad to help my find some clear plastic (back at our other farm).

Thursday my brother gave me a driving lesson in the old car we use to go around the farm. *Shudders* I dont think I'm very good, I kept stalling it! But... I am probably not the worst person to ever drive that car :D (ie. my teacher, lol). I am glad I am learning now so I have a year to practise before I am lawfully allowed to drive on the road!

Friday... what happened Friday?... I dont think anything happened Friday :D

Umm I think that is it... Sorry this is kinda short, I just dont have much to say this week. I guess I should go plant some potatoes :D (or something like that, lol)!


Cassie said...

Wow! Driving lessons! Well, I'm sure that you will get better. Is it fun? :D

Your friend,

Katherine Alice said...

Are driving lessons fun?.... let me think... YES!!! :D It is scary driving a manule for the first time cos you have to change gears and for the first 500 times you drive you stall it, but yeah its fun when you get it right!:D Driving automatic cars is easy and fun :).
How old do you have to be in America to get your drivers licence? You have to be 16 here to get you learners permit, then (depending on what state you are in) 17 and 120 hours later you can get your probationary permit(which means you can drive with out an adult with you), and you have to be 18 or 20 to get your full licence.
Gruss Gott