Sunday, July 12, 2009

A few un-interesting bits of random ramblings...

Ok, like I said this post will probably be a bit boring but then I guess its better than not posting at all :)! (ok reading over it, it was pretty interesting, I even made myself laugh at the last bit, lol).

This weekend Kurt (Ayala's student) stayed over for the weekend. Its a little weird because he is almost one of the family now, lol. He loves the farm, and cant get enough of fencing, feeding the calves and hunting the cows. He really enjoys learning new things. He heard me playing Beethoven's Fur Elise on the piano and begged me to teach him, telling me that he thought it sounded "Awesome!!". So I gave him a lesson (that was interesting, seeing as though I have never taught anyone how to play anything on the piano, and I am not overly good at it myself), he learnt it off by heart in about 4 days! It took me weeks to learn that!! He also wanted to know how to play Ode to Joy, after that Dan started calling him Beethoven, and when ever he wanted to practice he would say "I'm gunna go be Beethoven." :).

Yesterday one of the springer herds (we have three herds of cows, two herds of cows (the springer's) are the cows we have to check every day because they are going to have their calves soon, and the other herd we milk) got out of their paddock and got into another paddock but yours truly thought they were the herd we were milking and so Ayala and I put them back into what we thought was their paddock, no problems, until we found out that the herd we had just moved were the springer's! OH what a nightmare... So we spent the whole rest of the day in the paddock sorting about 50 cows out of about 130 and they all look the same!!! Our neighbor came and helped (because it was the kids fault we were sent out to fix it and Mum and Dad stayed right away) with her horse, Ayala already had Blackie, the boys had the motor bike and Sarah and I were on foot (not the best thing because I had gotten a blister earlier in the morning). After a lot of frustration on every ones part and about 8 different plans of attack, we sorted most of them out and we had missed about 10 which got sorted when the herd went to the dairy for milking. Ayala and Diana (our neighbor) and their horses got a lot of camp drafting (also called cutting) practice and the horses had a good exercises.

Usually Mum and Dad are the ones who do the milkings, but last night my brother got sick and Sarah and I had to help Mum while Dad looked after Dan, (which meant my blister didn't get much rest, lol, it hurt a bit) it also meant that we had to help get the few springer's out of the herd. The last 9 cows were made up of 3 springer's and 6 normal milking cows, our plan was to try stop the three springer's going into the dairy but as we tried to stop them one of the cows (not a very nice cow, lol) put her head down and charged Mum, Mum told me later that she thought "What should I do?" The only thing she had time to do was yell "AHHHH!!!" and freeze. The cow missed her by a couple of feet (I was standing a few meters diagonally behind Mum) and came straight for me!! I just thought "What do I do? Run for the fence or..." Sarah told me later that I just screamed, lol! The cow also missed me by a couple of feet and ran into the dairy shed. When I think about it the cow probably wasn't thinking about getting us but just bluffing to get us out of her way, but it is a little hard to judge if a cow is bluffing or not when she is charging you!

Okey dokey, got to go.
Bye byes :D


Cassie said...

Your post was NOT boring! I absolutly adore reading what you write. :D

Ha-ha! You and I are both piano teachers now!!! Just a questions: What does Ayala teach?

I laughed at the end and I hope your blister is feeling better. I got a blister and then I had to walk around home school convention for two days, so it hurt a bit. :D

Gruss Gott!

Katherine Alice said...

Well at the start I couldnt think of ANYTHING to write about, So I thought it may be boring, lol but thankfully it wasnt :D!

Ayala teaches the important things Maths, English and Spelling, we get to do the fun things lol!

Yeah I kinda forgot about my blister after a while so now its almost painless, and I really forgot about it when the cow charged me!
Gruss Gott