Saturday, July 25, 2009


Tagged by Cassie
What time is it? 11:39 AM (25 July 2009, sorry I didnt get to this earlier Cassie!)

What was the last out door activity you did?I fed the poddie calves and bucketed oats.

Do you have an email address?Yes

How many followers do you have?18

How long have you been on the computer today? Dont know didnt time my self

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone with? My Mum

Are you happy right now? Kinda

Do you want a horse someday? No I already have one.

How many pets do you have? Dont know, I havent counted lately but I'll try, 2 dogs, 6 cats, 3 horses, 150 ungraful cows, and over a hundred calves, and I have about 9 pet calves who change every couple of days.

Do you have a playlist?Yup.

Are you having a fun summer? Its not summer :D!

What book are you reading now? Bible, umm dont think I am reading anything else lately.

What is the most advanced book you read?uhh dont know!

Do you like your blog? Yeah its ok, but I think its almost time for a make over.

How many tags have you gotten? I dont know probably under 10.

What is the most recent award you've gotten? I dont know if I have ever got an award, lol!

What is the first award you've gotten? read above.

Who gave you your first tag?Cassie

Who gave you this tag?Cassie

Do you have a three column template?No.

What are you doing tomorrow? umm, feed poddies, wait for Mum and Dad to get home, then not much else.

How long have you been on blogger for? About 3 years, not always this blog though, I started this one at the start of this year.

How many times have you changed your profile picture?Once or twice

What did you do for your last post? Just an update

What is the most comments you've ever gotten on your blog? I think about 12

Are you having fun with this tag? Kinda

What is one thing you want right now? I dont really know.

Is your profile name your real name? Yes

What is your favorite animal? Cats, birds

What is your favorite movie? Ever After, Amzing Grace, Pride and Prejudice, Bride and Prejudice.

Have you seen the new Star Trek? No, those kind of movies dont interest me

Who is your favorite fictional character? fictional character?! I have no idea! Probably Daniell from Ever After

Are you hungry?Not really

Should you probably get off the computer right now?It doesn't matter.

Who are you tagging now? Sarah and Earwen


Here are the rules.Go to your 6th folder and to your 6th picture.Post that picture and then tag away. (this will be interesting)... Wow I am the only one who actually looks happy and NOT tired!!!


Cassie said...

I didn't know you had so many cows! That's awesome!

Anyway, I love that picture of you... you look so pretty!

I cannot believe that I haven't awarded you before! I think that I need to do some awarding on my blog soon. :D

Just a question: What do you mean by a "poddie" calf?

I hope to hear from you soon!

Gruss Gott!
Love Always,

P.S. I found my email today of when Jessica sent me my pen pal info and I emailed her a thank you note for our friendship, because she was the one who started it. :D

Katherine Alice said...

Yes! we have that many cows (I think we may have a few more than that as well, not sure)! But at the moment we are only milking about 98 or so because we are waiting for most of the cows to calve.
Thanks, actually I thought it was a pretty awful photo! It was the second last photo in the file so I almost wasnt able to do that tag, lol!!!
Hey dont worry about the award thingys I dont really care! It isnt all that important, lol!
Umm "poddie calf".... well I guess it just means that it was hand raised, I never really thought about it, its just what we call them. Most people call them bobbie calves but I cant seem to break the habit :P
Sorry I have been bad at communicating! I have been pretty busy lately, as well as I havent really felt like writing for some reason (lol probably writers block!).
That was a great idea to write an email to Jessica!
Gruss Gott
Love ya!

Cassie said...

Kathy- I love cows! One day, if I'm even in Australia, I'll have to come and visit you and see your cows!
I'm sorry that you didn't like that photo! I hope that I didn't offend you BY liking it! I thought that you looked really pretty in it. :D
There is no need to apologize about communicating, because, often times, I'm exactly the same. I had been doing a LOT of writing (by hand), but I loaned my manuscript to my friend and he hasn't given it back yet even though he said that he would a week ago! Aggg! It's rather frustrating!
Gruss Gott!
Your friend and "sister",

Katherine Alice said...

Cassie - No offence, but after spending my entire life cleaning up after, chasing, and living with cows, they arent my favorite animals, LOL!
No, no of course you didnt offend me by saying that you like that photo :)!
Gruss Gott
P.S that WOULD be frustrating!

Cassie said...

Kathy- I can TOTALLY understand your feelings about the cows and I'm sure that I'd feel exactly the same way! LOL! Yes, it's VERY frustrating, I'm just praying that he doesn't misplace or lose it! Anyway, we're going to a church potluck, so I have to go.

Gruss Gott!