Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday again! #7 Young Maiden's Day book

Well today is Monday again. It is also when holidays end and when school goes back so both my sisters are at work and I am free to continue on my boringly mundane life alone, lol! What a holidays. It was pretty hectic but really fun!

Yesterday after Kurt went home the Paul family (friends of our family) arrived unexpectedly. We had supposed to have gone to their house for a fellowship meeting Saturday night and when Dan got sick all that was called off and we stayed home instead. So it made the day more interesting :).

I am very relieved. My writing assignment came back today!!! I got 74/100, so it isn't as great as I would want it but I think I should just be happy that I got it done, finally!

Today Mum asked at the local paper, the Corryong Courier, if I could do a few weeks work experience!! I am kinda scared and kinda excited. The only problem I have with working really is that I get painfully shy around anyone I don't know well or at all. I hate it! Also today Mum asked at the school if I could enroll to do a textiles class next year. Now that I am really excited about!!

A Young Maiden's Day Book

Today.... Monday, 13 July

Outside my window... Its sunny but there are clouds so perhaps more rain.

I am thinking.... That I should get up and make some stuff, as I haven't even started anything today and I want to at least make one thing a day.

I am thankful for.... Beautiful music

I am wearing.... Blue jeans, pastel green jumper/sweatshirt, bare feet

I am reading.... I haven't read anything but my Bible in ages, the last book I read was The Hiding Place the story of Corrie Ten Boom.

I am creating.... nothing at this moment in time, but I hope to be in the next 10 minutes :D

One of my favourite things.... sunshine and warm after rain and cold

For education this week.... Writing, I finished my last assignment Friday and I hope to at least start my next one by the end of the week.

A keeper at home skill I am using/learning: sewing, cleaning and cooking

A spiritual lesson I'm learning.... To be content in all situations

A godly character trait I plan to work on.... being patient with every body and every thing

I am praying for.... Someone in hospital

For the rest of the week.... Farm work, house work, writing, and sewing

A picture I'd like to share.... don't have one right now.


Cassie said...

Kathy- I asked my dad and it would be fine for you to publish my "article" . The one thing my dad said is that if you feel the need to edit it in any way, just run it by me first. :)

I'd love to get a copy of the magazine!!! :D

Gruss Gott!

P.S. Out of all of the daybooks I read, yours is one of my ultimate favorites!!! :D

Katherine Alice said...

Thanks Cassie. I always thought my daybooks were pretty boring :) lol!
The next Sister's magazine comes out in spring, so when I send the 'article' in I will ask for another one for you :)!
Gruss Gott