Friday, July 17, 2009

Stuff needs to be done!

Ok yeah, the title does sum this up well :). I probably should be writing the activities for my course. Or figuring out the pattern for a shirt I started making last night (will post photos when finished).
My Mum brought me about 2 meters (could have been 3 meters) of dusky pink corduroy in the Autumn and I haven't been able to find a pattern to fit it. So yesterday while looking for fabric for a present, I found a couple of meters of baby pink cotton and I had an idea. I would make a shirt out of the cotton and a jacket and skirt out of the corduroy. Yay, that's sorted, now for the hard (fun!!!) bit... making them! :)
My course.... Well I am at the end of the chapter and in each chapter there are activities, basically like assignments except they don't get sent to my tutor. This time they are exactly like the assignments, except I have to write an anecdote and a quiz, and in the assignment I can choose which one I would like to do. I have a quiz all sorted out but what I am having trouble with is thinking of a story that would make a good anecdote!
Well got to go, I have an hour till I have to be down at the dairy and feeding the poddy calves. So I should get started on something!


Cassie said...

Kathy- Sometimes I read e-mails and comments and blog posts out loud too.

I'm enjoying the Henty. It has a lot of historical truth. I've always been interested in the French Revolution (I've always been on the side of the revolutionaries) and this story is written from the other (the aristocrats') perspective and I've learned a LOT!

I will hopefully be working on your assignment soon!

Gruss Gott!

Cassie said...

Hello, Kathy! Would you mind checking out my latest post and voting for me in the contest that I entered?
Thanks so much!!!

Love and Blessings,