Wednesday, July 15, 2009

*Sigh* another day in the pocket of time...

Yup I just made that up :)! I guess it kind of reminds me of picking up shells on the beach. Don't know why. Felt like writing something, this just came to me as I wrote.

Just another day,
Just another morning,
Just another calf to feed,
Just 5 more cards made to sell,
Just another idea to make tomorrow,
Just another frustration,
Just another aching muscle,
Just another blanket started on,
Just another email sent,
Just another mess cleaned up,
Just another load of washing hung up,
Just another song played,
Just another scene I should have written down,
Just another page not turned in my book,
Just another creation thought of,
Just another day... ends.
One more day to live,
One more song to play,
One more singing bird to listen to,
One more rose to smell,
One more frustration to over come,
One more day I will be able to turn my idea into something,
One more time to show kindness to someone,
One more horizon to see,
One more life has been born,
One more scripture to learn,
One more sight to enjoy,
One more sermon to listen to,
One more friend to meet,
One more day that hasn't happened yet.
An amazing God to serve,
Just another day.


Anonymous said...

Could you have yout friend email me?
About the article?
My email is

Anonymous said...

No, no, that's fine, she can use it!
But please make sure credit is given to Mirriam Neal.

Cassie said...

That's beautiful, Kathy!!!

Anyway, here's my reply to the comment that you lest on my blog.
Kathy- Your daybooks are VERY interesting... I thought mine were boring!!! LOL! Maybe it's because we are living ours. :D Yay! That would be fun to have my article published. Thanks so much for thinking of me!
What reading list? The books I'm reading from my daybook? or my list of favorite books?

Gruss Gott!