Monday, April 13, 2009

He Is Risen

Ok, Easter... it is the date Jesus was crucified and then rose again on the third day, right? Well why are we handing around little chocolate eggs and telling each other 'Happy Easter!'? Yes I think we should be glad we are redeemed, but how many people out in the world know that? And why isn't Thursday, or Friday (depends on what you believe) a day of mourning and repentance, for the sins we have committed? Why isn't Jesus the center of all of this instead of that huge ugly Easter Rabbit, that is really only a person dressed up in a costume, why? Why do we as Christians, go along with the chocolate eggs and the Easter Rabbit? Shouldn't it be a day of remembrance and worship to our God, who might I add died to save you and I from dieing, (how many of you could/would give your life for someone else?)? I already know the answer (to those of you who are already writing long comments to tell me), we are all (not all but most) going along with the majority of worldly people who don't know any better than the traditions they have had all their lives. I am sorry if I have offended some people but I am kinda sick of people saying 'Happy Easter!' and not realising what they are saying (also I figure, this is my space to write what I want, so I guess I just will)......


Anonymous said...

Great post!

I can't stand saying Happy Easter. The holiday of Easter is not of Christian origin (I don't endorse this site).

I am a Jew, and as a Jew I celebrate the festivals that God put in place for this time of year, namely the Passover (beginning Thursday evening, the evening of the day Jesus died fulfilling this feast) the feast of First Fruits (what many call Easter, beginning the evening of the day Jesus rose, also fulfilling this feast as the 'first fruits' of the ressurection), and the Feast of Pentecost, some 50 days later when the Holy Spirit fell on the believers in the upper room, (fulfilling this feast).

Watch this insightful video:

So to you my dear friend... Happy Feast of First Fruits and day of the first resurrection!!!

Anonymous said...

An insightful article to add to the subject:

Katherine Alice said...

Hey, thanks for the info. Sorry but I'm not allowed to watch videos because it isnt good for our Internet, lol!
You're a Jew?! I didnt know that, but now that I think about it its pretty obvious :).
Happy Feast of First Fruits!

Laura said...

Great insight for a 14 year old girl!! I agree with what you wrote. "Happy Easter" is just a distraction from what is important!

Thanks for sharing your wisdom!