Monday, April 6, 2009

Photos!! finally...

Ok here are some photos. There are some of the M.F.S.R.F and the others are from Sunday, we went to our old house (where friends of ours live now), to have a fellowship meeting of sorts, and the others are of a huge storm that came through here the other day.... oops I cant post any photo's till we get our Internet fixed cos Dad doesn't have a memory card slot in his computer :P. Oh well that just means I will have to tell you about it all without the photos as proof :(.
Yesterday we went to our friends house to have a fellowship meeting, well actually I think the adults were seeing if they were going to have further meetings because of the material they were looking at, and we kids just had fun! :)
We girls were supposed to be giving the little kids Sunday school lessons, until all the other kids got kicked out of the main room (cos the parents were having their marriage fellowship, no unmarried people allowed) and decided to help too. After that it was kinda 'Grab a little kid help him then laugh at everyone else doing the same!'. I helped a little boy called Ben Reynolds, he is the most gorgeous boy, when his family visits us, he runs to either my sister Sarah or I and clings to us the whole time. After the lesson we put a DVD on for the little kids and every one else started playing Pictionary (not me though cos as soon as the DVD was started I was promptly sat on by Ben, cute, but you start getting dead legs after about 10 minutes of the treatment). The movie finished and all the little kids either migrated out of doors or started making silly paper hats for everyone, and I was free to help one of the teams play Pictonary (I helped both)and steal other peoples silly paper hats (lol!), until Jonathan Reynolds was kind enough to make me one. The entire day was all a bit crazy, but the parents were happy, because they hadn't heard a peep out of us all day :).
Well I must go because I am sitting in the office and freezing to death because there is no heating in this part of the house! brrr...


Hannah said...

Wow, I live on the other side of the world from you! Australia must be very beautiful, I have only seen it in Pictures. I am from the US. Our grading scale is quite different. There is A, B, C, D, and F. They skipped E for some reason! I really like your blog and I like your style of writing!


Katherine Alice said...

Australia is very beautiful :)
Our grading scale is usually like yours but for some reason my writing course is different, I dont know why they changed it :)
Thank you for the compliment, just out of curiosity, how did you find my blog? I saw that you follow Tia's blog too :)!