Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tagged, Again!

I was tagged again by Cassie! Thank you Cassie :)
Starting Time: 7:05 AM 9 April 2009
Name: Katherine Alice Mcfarland
Sisters: 2
Brothers: 1
What are you wearing?PJs
Favorite Number:14 and 16
Favorite Drink: Coffee and apple and strawberry juice
Favorite Month: April and June
Favorite Breakfast: Bacon and egg muffins
Love someone so much who made you cry? Kinda
Broken a bone: No, but I once dislocated my little finger
Been in a police car: No
Been on a boat? Yes, only my Dad's tinny
Came close to dying: Once or twice
Been in a hot tub: Yes
Swam in the ocean: Yes
Fallen asleep in school: No
Cried when someone died: I don't think so, I am not a heartless person, just no one ever died when I was old enough to understand what was happening.
Fallen off your chair: Yes
**************** What is**************
Your room like? Dirty white walls, my desk and book shelf (both over loaded with books) wardrobe (that I share with my sister), my sister's dressing table and a chair I am recovering (did I mention our room isn't very big?)
What’s right beside you? Coffee cup and office stuff
What is the last thing you ate? cup of coffee, before that it was dinner last night
--------------------- Ever had --------------------
Chicken pox: Yes
Sore throat: Yes
Stitches: No
-------------------- Do You -----------------------
Like picnics? Yes, but on warm days not cold ones.
Like School? Kinda, more to the point I like maths
------------------------ Questions ---------------------
Who was the last person you danced with? My self
Who makes you smile? My siblings, friends, and lots of other people
Who Did you last yell at? My sister, sorry Sar.
Do you like filling these out? Kinda
Do you like yourself? Yes and No
-------------------Final Questions---------------------------
What are you listening to right now? My sister making her breakfast, birds singing, and the dairy noises
Do you hate someone in your family? No, dislike yes but not hate
What car do you wish to have? One of my own
Good singer? I don't think so :)
Indoors or outdoors? Depends on if it is cold or warm outside
-------------------------- Today did you ----------------------------
Talk to someone you like? Not yet, haven't talked to anyone yet :)
Get sick? nope
Sing? Yes, but most of the time when no one is listening
Miss someone? Yes
---------------------Last person who ----------------------
You talked to on the phone with? Grandma
Made you cry? Noah (that isn't supposed to make you feel bad, by the way:)
Went to the mall with? Mum, mall?? shopping center
Been to Europe? No
Been to Asia? No
Been to Russia? No
Been to the Bahamas? No
Been to Mexico? No
Been to Canada? No
Been to Africa? No
What books are you reading right now? Anne of Ingleside, my Bible, My Beloved Russia
Future kids name? Umm I don't know, it isn't something that I spend a lot of time thinking about.
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? No, never
What's under your bed? My sister, I have a bunk bed
Favorite location? The Australian Bush, 100% :) on horse back.
Who do you really hate? I don't hate anyone
Do you have a job? I am the official sprinkler mover, to be writer and blogger
Are you lonely right now? Kinda
Time Finished: 7:23 AM 9 April 2009

Ok, I now tag Sarah and Earwen :) Have fun guys!


Provident 360 said...

I am who I am, a born again Christian.

Cassie said...

AWESOME, Kathy!!! I really enjoyed that. I like reading these about other people, it helps me get to know more about them. :)

Katherine Alice said...

Thanks Cassie! I like them too, but we have already done one, lol!

Noah Daniel said...

Hmmm.... Very nice list of answers. Not the greatest list of questions.

God Bless!!!

Katherine Alice said...

Cryptic comment Noah. But you are right it is a bit of a dumb quiz, someone should write a better one.
God Bless You too :)