Friday, April 3, 2009

just a quick hello

Well I guess I had better say it then lol... Hello!
Today was the official start of the Man From Snowy River Festival. Some of you wont know what that means. But for me it is a festival to honor two people, Banjo Patterson and Jack Riley. About 100 years ago Jack Riley was a renowned horse breaker, brumby chaser, and cattle station manager, and OH (an unmentionable!) a horse and cattle thief. He met a man called Banjo Patterson, a poet, who wrote a very amazing poem called The Man From Snowy River (in my next post I will write it out), about Jack Riley. And we now have a festival to honor them. They weren't really anything much, except some movie director liked it and made a movie about it, and put Corryong on the map. But, no one really knows who the Man From Snowy River was. So this side of the mountain his name is Jack Riley and on the other side they have some one else (personally I think its all a bit mixed up), but everyone enjoys having a festival about horses and poetry. So no one complains :).
It is raining again!! For the second time in two days :) I am so glad because it means we will probably have feed for the cows through winter, I am so grateful to my Lord.
I have to go.
P.S I will post photos and the poem tomorrow (if we have Internet).


Tia said...

Pssh. I wish I had a festival. The only thing we have around here is Kennywood. And that's an amusement park!

Katherine Alice said...

Well, we have three festival, show, thingys. We have a rodeo at New Years, then we have the Corryong show, then the Man From Snowy River Festival. The latter is the biggest, it attracts a lot* of people from all over Australia.
*by a 'lot' I mean thousands, probably pretty small compared to something in America :)

Ramón Antonio Pérez said...

Hello. Saludos desde Venezuela. Maravillosas canciones, me parece interesante espacio para comentar y señalar algunas cosas sobre la vida.
Dios te bendiga.

Katherine Alice said...

Hello Ramon,
I am glad you liked the music. Thank you for your comment.