Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just thoughts

I really dont have anything to write but I am going to write what ever comes to mind, lol!
Today was really windy, Dan got his kyte out (after he found out that I can fly it better than he can he asked me to help him with it), and for the first time got it out to the full 100 meters of the twine.
Not long after we came inside, the wind blew in a dust storm. It wasnt a dust storm, it was just the dust from the storm (if that makes any sense), it is going to be good for the paddocks because the dust came from out west, the dirt out there is high in minerals.
(Random thoughts) Another thing I have been thinking about is how come I am good at maths, and I dont like English, and not good at spelling, but I want to write stuff?
Ok, for those of you who read Neuschwannstein (the link is on the side bar of my blog), Cassie and I have decided that we no longer have writers block, so expect to see some new stuff there! And for those of you who are interested, tell me what you think of it! And if anybody has any bright ideas on a title please inform either Cassie or I in comments :).
I think I might have run out of random thoughts!

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