Saturday, April 11, 2009

We have lift off... No, Wait! its only fog

Yes we have one of our first fogs of the year, brrr! Its kinda like first snow but a lot less exciting. It means that not only will it be cold when you go outside, it will also be wet. Tintaldra seems to be the second biggest fog factory (Fog factories are just places where the fog seems to gather, then when they get full all the fog creeps up the other valleys as well. Very romantic to look at, not so to be in!) in the area :P.
I think I am going to have to try really hard to find a way of putting photos on here, it'll be really complicated but there are some photos I really want to post. I'll try get them on here in the next couple of days.
Today... hmmm... we are having a visitor, Rachel Paul, she is about 12 (I think) and she has only got one sister (who is about 5) so my sisters and I are going to be acting older sisters to her for a day. We should have lots of fun, if all goes to plan! Did I mention that we don't have a plan? Oh well I am sure we will think of something :)
I have to get started on my next writing assignment, probably today. I have to finish a sewing project I am doing for a friend of ours, it would be good to get that done today (:P). And not to mention all the normal cooking, cleaning and farm work that goes on in a normal day (I think I may be very tired after this day).
Well I really need to go. Hope every one else is having a fantastic day too :D!!!

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