Thursday, April 2, 2009

Long time no post, sorry :)

I am sitting here cross legged on my piano stool, that also serves as my computer seat, at 8:29 PM in my PJs listening to the quiet patter of rain on the roof (I love that sound :) waiting for dinner (I'm really hungry, its been a long day), the milk truck just arrived headed for the dairy (he'll leave in about 5 minutes), all is pretty quiet, both my sisters are at pizza-pasta night for the teachers at the school where they both work (Sarah works there every Friday), my brother is... Hold on I'll be back in half an hour, dinner is ready.
Oops more like an hour :). My Mum, Dad, Dan and Grandma are still eating sweets looking over old photos that Grandma had bought up. Most of them were taken when my Grandma was just a baby, and when my great Grandpa was in the army, there are quite a few photos of him marching proudly around wearing his uniform, its quite a different picture to view him in when now he has to use crutches to get around, and he cant remember where I live, and sometimes I wonder if he knows who I am. My great Grandpa Smith is turning 90 later this month, I know a lot of people who have never met their great grandparents, I feel sorry for them because I have known 2 of mine (and a great uncle), even though great Grandma Smith died when I was about 5 or 6.

I should probably be telling you all about what has been happening since I last posted, instead of rambling on about nothing (OK, OK yes I can do it a bit, lol). I don't think this will be a short post, but it cant be too long because I have to sleep sometime.

I have had a pretty busy last ten days. A lot of stuff happened, some I cant mention (because it involves other people) but most I can tell you about (if I can remember it all :).
I started my writing course, which is a bit hard because I have never done anything like it before and therefore it is all completely new to me. The basic stuff is pretty easy, I really had to struggle through the money making bits (they were really boring, but apparently needed if you want to be a writer).
I learnt a lot about trust, trust in my parents, most importantly trust in God, and trust in other people. Right now I am not the expert on trust and I still have a lot to learn but I think I learned a teeny, little bit. I learned a few things that I want to put here, when something happens that you have no control over, just TRUST GOD, because he has it under control (he has everything under control, so you might as well forget about controlling anything).
And all the other busy things were just normal every day things that have to be done... well, every day :)
We bought 60 new cows, almost all of them went into the dairy the same day they got here so we have had a few new faces in the herd :). There were supposed to be about 120 but after a lot of drama we ended up with 60. There have been a lot of cows calving over the last few weeks, thankfully all the calves so far have been small and haven't needed human intervention when being born, not that we really mind lending a hand, but normally the cows think that we will be available to help at 1 am, since we cant just tell them (cos they don't speak English, lol!) not to calve in the middle of the night we get up anyway. One job I hate is getting the new calf and mother from the calving paddock to the dairy yard, a lot of the time the calf needs to be carried and it is handy when you can sling them over the seat of the motor bike, but that can cause problems too... when a calf is scared they usually wet themselves (as well as try break every bone in your body by kicking), not a pleasant feeling for the person (yours truly) holding them (did I mention that I hate that calf?!).
OK, I think that is long enough for tonight (yawns, its 10:14 PM).
Good night.
P.S. Saw Firefroof, loved it.

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