Thursday, May 14, 2009

18th and Internet

Well like I have been saying for the last little while my sister turned 18 yesterday :). We didn't have a party or anything. We were going to go out for dinner, but seeing as though none of the restaurants (except for the pubs and hotels) were not open on a Wednesday, we didn't go anywhere. My grandma came up on Tuesday, and stayed for two nights.
Since Ayala was at work we spent all day Wednesday cleaning her room and making sure it was all nice to put her presents into (I'll get to what they were in a minute). We had to move some chairs and a book case and after the hard day's work, and the harder waiting for it to arrive when it the truck that was delivering it turned up, some how the order had been mixed up and he bought the wrong thing :P. But not everything was a loss, we had made new curtains and a dividing screen to go in Ayala's room. I did all the sewing and everyone helped make the frame (I'll post a photo soon), it looks really great in her room :).
Today the computer man came out and fixed our computer and Internet! Yay! So expect photos more often.
We got the movie of The Phantom of the Opera from the library the other day, and Cassie I loved it! It is a little hard to follow what they were saying for a bit because most of it is singing, but after watching a while it was great!
Till next time!

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