Friday, May 22, 2009


You know... I hate brainstorming, well OK hate is a little bit strong, greatly dislike is probably better. When I brainstorm I kinda get a whole heap of questions that need answers and I haven't got them. I have about three things to brainstorm right now :P!!

One is Neuschwannstein, I have to figure out a conversation! I mean it should be easy... why is everything that is seemingly easy hard for me? I dunno. Well anyway, I have to figure out a conversation. It kinda has to make sense, and I hope I can tie some stuff later in the story into this one conversation. I am thinking what I will do is write it on paper then scrunch it up and start again... then repeat this process till I have what I want :).

Number two, is for my course I have to think about what kind of subject I want then give my tutor a few details and she is going to try help me outline it (did I mention that this might take months?! OK I am exaggerating, probably a few days).

The third isn't half as important as the second, but I want to enter the Elaine Mitchell Rural Women's Writing Award competition and I have a month to start and finish a 2500 word something, it can be fiction or non-fiction, poetry or essay. The only criteria is that its main theme is about rural Australian women. Another supposedly easy thing for 'me' to do, I live here don't I? I could just write whatever I wanted, right? then why not? I have got no idea...

Well my Mum just told me to go and hang out a load of washing. So I guess that ends this post :)
Till next time I write!

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Anonymous said...

Just write random stuff down in lists. Brainstorming is supposed to be the easy part because you are not supposed to question the ideas but just throw them out there.

AFTER you have run out of ideas to write down in your list, you will have a better idea of what is available. Try making an outline and then trashing every one of the ideas that is completely absurd to the core idea you want to share.
Once that is done, paste all the ideas that are left together on the framework of your outline in as best order as possible.

Rewrite what you have so far in a way that comes naturally, sparing no pains to be descriptive and even overly detailed. Feel free to go down a rabbit trail.

NOW that it is all out there coming so naturally from your mind, get out those scissors again and start snipping away all the excess, and cut it back to what is just essential for the reader to understand.

After all that is done, proofread it for clarity of purpose (not for punctuation or grammar or flow yet) and edit where needed.

Now, since you like what you have come up with, start polishing it. If you don't like it, have a friend read it and suggest improvements or ideas, and so that they can tell you that it is really great (because by now it is).

Hope that helps! :)