Monday, May 4, 2009


I hate Monday's... well... not hate but very much dislike... actually when I think about it I actually like Monday's, but I don't like this one.
This morning I slept in and didn't hear the alarm, then my Dad came in and told me to get on the motor bike and get down the paddock because we had two cows down, one with milk fever and the other one... well personally I think she was just plain lazy, but its an undetermined illness. It is cold this morning so about every couple of hundred meters I had to stop and warm my hands up because they really felt like they were going to drop off, they hurt that much (remind me to invest in some warm gloves next time!).
Then, some of the lovely wonderful cows (not), decided to get into the wrong paddock and so we had to get them out, but thankfully my Dad told me to drive the car, which I had never done before, he showed me how (shock, that I didn't already know how to drive, written all over his face). Anyway, the cows, decided to be good (so very sarcastic), and run the opposite way they were supposed to, then (another lazy cow!) on the only slope on the property one cow decided to sit down and she wouldn't move!
That isn't the end of the mishaps from this morning but just a few. I wont bore you with the whole lot, but did I mention that the kettle wont work!! :( All this has happened and it is only 9:10 AM!!
Right now I am feeling like falling asleep, but no such luck, school work is waiting :(
Till next time!

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Cassie said...

Aggg! Kathy, I'm sorry your week got off to a bad start! For us in the USA it's still Sunday afternoon/evening. I hope that the rest of your day it better!