Monday, May 4, 2009

The rest of Monday :)

To answer your question Cassie, yes my day got better. I did some school work, it was all about outlining stuff so it was really interesting, because I have to do an outline in my course so I get taught how to do it before jumping headlong into something I have never done before :)!
After school I decided if I was going to do anything I had to start at base, my desk, it has gotten a little messy over the last couple of weeks. So I went through all my papers, note pads, old letters, and school books and chucked what wasn't any use anymore and stacked the others in an old tin. But I really need to do something with all the wool that I have collected over the years, does anybody have any ideas (other than crochet or knit)? I have a butterfly loom but there is a LOT of wool so I may get very sick of making butterfly loom thingys.
That's about all up until now.
I am planning on doing writing after I finish this, then probably start on dinner and then it will almost be time to end the day... so all in all it would have been a pretty boring day had all the excitement not happened early this morning. :D Hope all you in America get a much better Monday than I did!

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Kim said...

We started school late here in America. I try to work in the mornings so I let my son sleep in...we didn't get started until almost 11am. I think we are as lazy as your cows! But we worked until almost 5:30. I love reading your posts, keep it up!