Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I wish... uh... I wish... uh...

I wish someone who knew me well had done this course!!! My mum is very well meaning in trying to help but instead of asking questions I need some one who can tell me the answers... My tutor is trying to help, but she is a stranger trying to help!! So if I could get a cross between my Mum and my tutor... Oh if only... Well wishing wont do much, but it did get Bugs Bunny out of my head :).

I went for a ride on my pony yesterday... Bad idea, I hadn't ridden in about a month, I woke up this morning and I felt like I had fallen off 10 times not just ridden!!! I guess there is only one cure for this ailment though :)... get back on today! The only problem was that since both my sisters work now, my brother is too busy (and cant ride anyway!) and neither of my parents will go riding with me it is kinda boring. And none of our neighbors have horses, well except two, one of those I don't know... and the other I wouldn't like to go riding with anyway. I have a friend who lives about 10 kilometers away from here but the only way to get there (other than going through people's paddocks) is to go along a main road that isn't very wide and isn't very safe. So I think I may have to put up with being bored :P.

Well I gotta go brainstorm my book outline... Till next time!


Cassie said...

Kathy, maybe if you post the link to your writing class as a comment on my blog and I'll see if I'd be interested in doing it over the summer while my writing class is on break.

How fun it would be if we were sisters!!! We'd be close to twins and could write and ride together as often as we wanted!

Cassie said...

BTW: Kathy, I am finished with Chapter 4 in Neuschwannstein. I'm sorry, I've even been too busy to reply to e-mails!!! :p

Anonymous said...

(You don't have to post this comment)

I checked out your updates on Neuschwannstein and I really feel you are going in a good direction. Good job.

Can't wait for the next chapter!