Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday morning thoughts

mmm... right now there haven't been many thoughts for today, so I may be forced to just fill up this space with some stuff from yesterday.Yesterday morning I spent an hour sitting beside the road watching our cows eat grass, not a fun job but if I hadn't have been there it would have been completely illegal for our cows to be there, not that there was much I could do if something went wrong (ie. car ran into cow and either killed the cow and/or wrecked the car) but thankfully nothing like that happened.
And since I had taken a book, a note pad and a pen I wasn't bored. When I got sick of reading I got out my pen and note pad and started writing the introduction for my book. I can just hear you now 'What book? I didn't know she was writing a book?' well that is because I didn't tell anybody.
For my writing course I had to write ideas for books, and for the next assignment I have to outline my book and take a chapter from 'my book' and outline it. I don't know about you but that sounds like I have to write it. And when I sent my last assignment in to my tutor, she was talking like I was already in the process of writing it! So it was kinda an accident, but seeing as though I wanted to write in the first place it just came a bit quicker than I thought it would.
'My book', is going to be stories from my grandfather's life, my Dad's life and my life on farms, so I have all the words in my head all I have to do is put it on paper.
I don't think I will need to post any of it here because a bit of it is already here, when ever I post about the farm and stuff like that you are reading some of what may become my book.
I'll be keeping you updated on how I am going. Till next time!


Anonymous said...

Sounds great! I am sure I will write some books one day, but so far I just have a bunch of pieces, and not a full plot. I shall enjoy reading it when you get it done!

God Bless!!!

Katherine Alice said...

I had the same problem except that my writing course has kinda forced me to write seriously. And if you call three generations of farmers a 'plot' I guess I got the best one on the planet.
And I am sure since you have three extra years of pieces you could very easily find something to write about.
I forgot to ask you but what type of writing course did you take? was it a creative writing one, or non-fiction?
God Bless!

Bekah said...

You are so lucky you live on a farm!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to be a farmgirl!!!!


PS like your blog lots and lots ;D