Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fog glorious fog (dripping with sarcasm)

No I didn't get the Oliver Twist song mixed up. But right now all I can see out my window is a white wall. So yeah I guess you could call it a white out, except that its fog not snow.
Well I guess I made up for posting three times on Monday, lol! Yesterday I decided that I had more important things to write than a blog post. Except that I couldn't think of what to write. I think I mentioned that I am entering the Elaine Mitchell Rural Women's Writing award competition. I thought I had better make a start on my entry, even though it doesn't have to be entered until the end of June. I have to write a story either fiction or non-fiction under 2,500 words, and the only real rule is that it has to have the theme of rural women. I know... this should be soo easy for me, and I really don't know why it isn't. I just cant seem to think of anything to write. My mum wants me to write a non-fiction story about something that has happened to me. Maybe that's the problem, I seem to be writing to please other people when I know usually what other people want is something I cant stand. Yesterday I managed to write 1,121 words but it was horrid, I ended up deleting the whole lot cos I hated it.
Well I have to go, some cows have found their way onto the road and I have to go rescue them before somebody runs into them.
Till next time

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