Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

Today is Mother's Day, I am not sure of all the origins (so anybody who does know, feel free to tell me). But I know it gives us the excuse to do something nice for our Mum's (we should do that every day, not just once a year!). We don't usually celebrate any of these days, the only way today is different is that we are going down to my grandparents place for the day (we don't usually do this either, but my grandfather asked us, something very unusual for him). I will update this later :).

Yesterday, after spending hours on the floor making Ayala's birthday present, we went to a fellowship meeting. Thankfully it was after milking so we didnt have to rush home half way through like we normaly do. One down side, we got back home at 12 AM...

Did I mention that we have to drive almost 100 kilometers to my grandparent's house?


hmmm... I doubt this will be a good combination.
P.S I dont know if the update will come this afternoon or tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

TOMORROW is Mother's Day!

Katherine Alice said...

Since you live in my yesterdays then NO, TODAY is mothers day :D