Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day continued

Ok, I got to it today, instead of leaving til tomorrow :)
I spent most of today wishing I was at home sleeping. It was good to see every one again, my only two girl cousins, Abbey and Grace, who are about 5 and 7, were very glad to see us. The little boys weren't so glad to see us, mostly because at two and younger they don't really remember us. My aunties and uncles were interested in what we have been doing and all that, like good aunties and uncles :).
We were talking with Abbey and Grace, about their school and suddenly my 5 year old (!) cousin asked my sister "Do you have a boyfriend?"! None of my family are Christians, and they think its cute that 5 and 7 year olds are having their little boyfriends/girlfriends, we don't share their opinions. My grandmother does not seem to get the idea that we don't do that, and so she is always asking Mum "So is there any young men on the scene?", we usually just have a laugh at it. Anyway, my sister started saying "No Grace, I don't have a boyfriend." when a very smart person (me), not realising that my grandmother was standing right behind me jokingly said "No Grace, we're weird we don't have boyfriends!". I got a bit of a tongue lashing :P.
Well got to go, my sister wants to use the computer.
Till next time!

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Anonymous said...

I know, I was just being goofy! =D